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With previous Fuzz Labs I spent a lot of time exploring mojo layouts with metal can transistors and I decided that I wanted to do something in a similar vein but using a metal can opamp. So I cooked up a little nasty fuzz and paired it with a transformer isolated octave. The combination is classic yet still retains the Rough Around the Edges snarl that Mask Audio Electronics is known for. The mil-spec LF356 Opamp is surrounded by Dale resistors and a mix of Gorva and Panasonic with Taiway and Vimex hardware to complete the package. 

Controls left to right

Volume - Very loud

Tone (toggle) - controls what frequency's go to the octave section. Left is full range, middle is treble, right is mids.  

Gain - Amount of distortion and harmonics

Spam Can runs off of 9 volt Center negative power. You can run it at 18 volts for more volume and less fuzz.

Each Spam Can has had its graphic hand-stamped and thus there will be variation from unit to unit