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The most Mojo builds are of incredibly classic circuits; fuzz faces, tone benders, maybe a big muff if you are feeling adventurous. They are further elevated with the use of chunky components and high quality build standards. NO TAPE. NO MOJO. came about because I thought it'd be really funny to give that kind of elevation to a circuit that is the opposite. The Devi Ever Hyperion is essentially two boosts with a couple extra components that came together to be brilliant. I modified the circuit with some personal favorite changes and complemented it with BC109 and 2n2907 metal can transistors, audiophile grade Gorva film capacitors and big meaty 1 watt resistors. Each NO TAPE. NO MOJO. is painstakingly handwired and hand stamped. 

Controls from right to left
Filter - controls gain and tone simultaneously
Mode (toggle) - with the toggle to the left you are in HYPE mode, a smooth and Meaty fuzz with a good mid-range characteristic. In this mode higher filter settings will start to introduce a swell effect with your attack. With the toggle to the right you are in 66 mode. This mode is brighter with a prominent upper octave. As you increase the filter control the fuzz will start to cave in on itself
Loud - Loudness