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This project started off as a shower thought, what if Part Garden, but all germanium. I laughed that idea off because there would be no way I would be able to get that many germanium transistors, let alone get enough that would work well together. But the idea lodged in my brain and I spent a few days mulling it over. I settled on that there are probably enough surplus germanium transistors out there that I could have one per build and then just revoice the rest of the circuit to be more "germanium like". I went through section by section, revoicing the remaining silicon sections to be softer and lower gain. If you crank everything up, and get the Texture cooking, you will still have a tonebender like rasp that will cut through any mix. But as soon as you back off that you have something that I've never done with the MAE line; Clear, articulate overdrive. You can even whip out your complex math chords and still hear every note. Through a Fender voiced amp you can even get some very convincing jangle.

If Part Garden is a fuzz that can be turned into an Overdrive, Germanium Garden is a overdrive that can be turned into a fuzz.

I - How much signal is entering Ge Part Garden, sets the general gain level

II - The gain between the two circuits. This will also subtly attenuate bass frequencies as the gain is turned down

III - Master volume, turn right for more

Texture - Changes the gain structure in the first stage. This will increase the gain and the amount of compression from the fuzz. When set fully clockwise the signal is so compressed that nothing will pass through unless boosted by another pedal. Because of what the control is adjusting, some crackling may occur while turning the knob.

YUH- Changes the range of the Texture control. The up position will give you optimal range for adjustment, while the down position will allow finer tuning of more extreme sounds

Chef's Choice is going back in and messing with the formula. Chef Choice dives into our stash of germanium transistors different takes on the Part Garden formula. Made in small batches with unique finishes.

P416 - Dark and compressed, gets trumpet-like at maximum gain. Doesn't have as much range on the controls but, cleans up incredibly well rolling off on your guitars volume

Asy36 - High Gain like a tone Bender from hell. May oscillate depending upon settings

Uses standard Boss style power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative) and top-mounted jacks. Enclosures are fabricated by F5 Metalworks. Art by Taylor C Adams