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Black Math originally started as a passion project. I'm a huge fan of the garage rock coming out of Detroit in the early 2000's. It's common knowledge among guitarists that all of that sound came from big old NYC Reissues. I've owned several of them over the years, but none sounded quite right. Then I had a revelation, the NYC reissue that was available then is thoroughly different than the one available now. Designed by the amazing Fran Blanche, this version had a bit more compressed and scooped sound. When boosted into saturation it gets an even more compressed, blown out sound. A few adjustments later I arrived to the sound I had heard in so many live videos in one box.

BOOST: Pre Muff Op-amp boost to saturate and overwhelm.
GAIN: Amount of rock. Allows for more treble frequencies to pass at low gain settings.
TONE: Typical Muff tone control. Wooly bass to the left and treble to the right.
LOUD: Amount of loud
BLOWOUT: (Toggle) Removes diodes early on in the circuit for a more ragged texture and addental gain

Internal Controls:
MIDS: sets the amount of midrange dip or boost.

Uses standard Boss style power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative) and top-mounted jacks.