Thank You:

Mom, Dad, Tyler, and Ben - for not telling me my ideas are dumb, and supporting me no matter how empty brained I can be

Elyssa Iacobello for reigning in my unhinged post-it note designs

John Snyder and Nick Williams - for being amazing inspirations and mentors to me

Ian PritchardAndy PichterClint Mcduffie - for being the best confidants I can ask for


Additional friends whos support and advice made MAE into what it is:

Steve DemedashMatt and CarlJeff DavisDave GillKenSean WrightJohn EsterlyJonathan NelsonScott MonkDavid GehringChris RossiBrian HamiltonWoollyKaden ValdiviesoAl and KasperThe Guitar KnobsBlake WylandGrant and KarenAndrew BirkittDan PechacekEvan CraigDan MinnerLawrence and RebeccaGus, The rest of the League of Noise