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I was talking with a friend about old big muffs and how very inconsistent they could be. Some could be gain monsters while others could be very tepid overdrives. My friend turned to me and said, I would love the most tepid big muff. That just got stuck in my head to the point where I had to make it. It turns out, with very careful parts selection you can coerce a big muff into being a perfectly usable overdrive. While the Helvetica 92 does still get fuzzy when you have the gain turned all the way up, it has some things you would never expect out of the circuit. Clarity, chime, and most importantly mid-range. Taking a familiar feel and going in a completely different Direction with it


Controls left to right

Volume- Very loud

Tone - Typical big muff tone stack with enhanced mid-range. Emphasizes trebble frequencies

Gain - Amount of distortion. Similar to our Black Math pedal, it will remove a subtle amount of low end as you dial it back


Helvetica 92 runs off of 9 volt Center negative power. You can run it at 18 volts for more Headroom and a stiffer response

Each helvetica 92 has had its graphic handstand and thus there will be variation from unit to unit