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Reviving a legend. I am no stranger to Devi Ever deep cuts and this might be one of the most interesting. Way back in the day Alan from Mountainking Electronics approached have you ever about developing a pedal for their line. The two came to an agreement and the pedal was released first under the name the Bass Fuzz and then later under the name Supermassive Black Hole. Immediately upon plugging in you can tell this is a Mountainking affair. Compressed and synth-like with massive low end (Duh) and a powerful tone control that just sculpts your place in the mix. The circuit ran for a while until Alan took it back and further improved it into the Magnetar.

I am proud to be working directly with Alan at Mountainking Electronics to create a faithful reissue of the original Bass Fuzz circuit. Built by hand in house by me and housed in a beautiful iridescent green enclosure.


Volume - Amount of loud

Tone - Sculpting filter. Very busy on the left very piercing on the right, thunderous in the middle

Intensity (toggle) - controls the amount of gain. With the toggle in the up position it is lower gain and has a more open response. With the toggle switch down it maxes out the gain and becomes more gated and compressed. Feels like lightning is coming off your strings

Bass Fuzz runs off of 9 volt Center negative power. You can run it at 18 volts for more Headroom and a stiffer response. Each Bass Fuzz has its graphic hand stamped and thus there will be variation from unit to unit